REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)


Have You Ever Wondered?

What if you had to pay sales taxes on services?
What if you couldn't put signs in your listings' yard?
What if you were unable to collect referral fees?
What if a bank could require a 20% down-payment?
What if you needed a business license for every city you worked in?
What if the Capital Gains Tax Exemption for primary residences didn't exist?

What Does RPAC Do For Me?

RPAC helps protect your business by reducing government intervention into private property rights. When you invest in RPAC you join the party to combat restrictions that could hurt your business and your clients. RPAC allows you as a member to collectively participate in political affairs that affect your business. It is the most powerful tool to protect home ownership and your ability to sell real estate. RPAC is your voice at the table on all levels; National, State & Local. Join the Realtor Party today!

A Special Thank You to Our 2015 RPAC Investors!

Major Investors for RPAC

Crystal R

Angela Ripley

Golden R

*!Jim Gamble, *Jeff Hill, *!Dan O'Neill, *!T David Rogers

Sterling R

Larry Apple, Jody Abbott, Russell Bouknight, Shelby Briggs Austin, Scottie Broderick, Jeff Carson, Katherine Casey, Kathryn Clark, Chris Collins, Linda Cone, David Cooper, Kipp Cooper, Kathryn Copeland, David Costello, !Dennis Curtin, Rob Curtis, Gregg Davidson, Kirby Deeter, Scott Deneve, Gary Derks, Mark Emerick, Kris Fabrizius, Dee Grisamore, Ann Halterman, Barbara Hicks, Bobbi Howe, Judy Johns, Dianna Kinnard, Jodi Knapp, Angela Kunzler, Greg Koons, Kevin Laffey, Jennifer Langston-Justus, Janice Lindberg, Rue Lovett, Shannon Lyon, Andrew Mall, Trice Massey, Wendy McDermott, Carol Meyers, Judy Miller, Kathy Minden, Brenda Oliver, Diane Ruggiero, Renee Ryan Edwards, Andrea Sheridan, Dan Sight, Brent Sledd, Kristi Soligo Fleshman, Shannon Stumpenhaus, Pat Tholen, Marcha Tietjen, Diana Welsh, Christian Zarif, Cynthia Zitterkopf

Leadership Club ($500)

Elaine Cavener, Perry Crume, Cindy Cunningham, Beth Franklin, Bonnie Maret, Lee Robertson
Jerry Rowan, Barbara Stilley, Phil Summerson, Randy Vanderpool

Capitol Club ($250)

Stephen Armstrong,Rick Bowers, Susan Bowers, Aundre Gray, Aundre Gray, Kerwin Holloway, Kurt Hueschen, Ed Jaskinia, Thomas Keeney , Katheryn Kennedy, Katheryn Kennedy, Katheryn Kennedy, Harvey Kinnard, Judy Klemm, Steve Kornspan, BradfordNelson, Michael Phillips, Cynda Rader, Derek Ramsay, Ken Rosberg, Bobby Sandlin, Darrel Stiles, Ellen Vap, Sydney West, Joanna Williams

Club ($99/100)                              Fair Share ($25)

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* Designates President's Circle
! Designates Hall of Fame

Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and used for political purposes. You may refuse to contribute without affecting your membership rights. 70% of each contribution is used by RPAC to support state and local political candidates. 30% of each contribution is sent to national RPAC. Of that amount, 90% is used by national RPAC to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 2 U.S.C. 441a, while the remaining 10% is used for other federal grassroots political activities. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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