Bring Google Ultrahigh Speed Internet to KC


Google has announced plans to select a city (or cities) to test its new ultrahigh speed internet. At up to 100 times faster than today's speediest connection, it will drastically improve the speeds of uploads, downloads, photo sharing, online videos, online conferencing and allow multiple users easier access.

Kansas City, Missouri is being considered as a test location. This has the potential to drive new businesses, jobs and advanced technology in our local economy.

You can help get KC selected!  Go to and along the left side of the screen do any or all of these things by Friday, March 26:

  1. Sign the petition by clicking the “Sign Our Petition” link under “Show Your Support”
  2. If you’re a Facebook user, become a Fan of the Kansas City and Google Fan Page
  3. Click the “GoogleKC” link under “Contact Us” to send a letter of support.  Your letter could include points such as:

·         Home buyers and sellers use the internet extensively -  2 million people in the KC metro region would benefit from ultrahigh speed internet when searching for homes and information about homes.

·         As a REALTOR® you are an advocate for private property and homeowners’ rights.  Through a web-based system established by REALTOR® associations, you and hundreds of thousands of other REALTORS® frequently send letters to legislators to support those rights.

·         Many of the business tools you use daily, when working for home buyers and sellers, are web-based.  Your own website as well as access to the Heartland Multiple Listing Service, to continuing education, and to our secure web-based lockbox system are some of your business basics that would be enhanced by ultrahigh speed internet.

Act now to add your voice to many others in support of this effort!