Why Every Agent With an iBox Should Know What a CBS Code is and how to Obtain it


Why Every Agent With an iBox Should Know What a CBS Code is and how to Obtain it

If you are an agent who uses iBoxes and ever relies on the assistance of appraisers, photographers, inspectors or other Affiliate members, there is a good reason for you to be aware of what a CBS Code is and how to obtain one.

Knowing these two things will prevent:

    • A) Your confusion, should the time come when an Affiliate member requests a CBS code from you (and your best, albeit wrong, guess on what this means is that it has something to do with a certain television network and maybe the show “NCIS.”)

    • B) The need to meet in person the Affiliate member who needs this code in order to access a property.

The “Secret” Behind the Codes Some iBox Lessees Don’t Even Know They Have and Why These Matter to Affiliate Members

A number of KCRAR Affiliate members, such as inspection companies, photographers and appraisers, subscribe to an “Affiliate” SupraKey through KCRAR. The Affiliate key is made available to certain categories of KCRAR Affiliates as a convenience to KCRAR REALTOR® members so they can provide access to their listings without having to meet the Affiliate at the property.

The Affiliate key works much like the full REALTOR® SupraKey except the Affiliate must also enter a Call Before Showing (CBS) Code to open the key compartment of a Supra lockbox.

Every Supra lockbox has assigned to it a unique Call Before Showing (CBS) code. This CBS code allows the listing agent to control KeyBox access for all Affiliate keyholders since obtaining the CBS code from the listing agent is required to open the KeyBox.

Many Affiliates holding an Affiliate SupraKey have reported that agents want the inspector/appraiser/photographer to have access to the property, but they don’t know what a CBS code is or where to obtain it.

There are several ways of obtaining a CBS code for an iBox. The first is to refer to the original paperwork that was given to the REALTOR® whenever he or she leased an iBox from KCRAR. The code will be on a yellow sheet with stickers attached containing the iBox serial number, CBS code and shackle code.

The second way to receive the CBS code is to register an iBox on the KIM website (www.su-praekey.com). Once registered, one may look up one’s Shackle and CBS codes at any time. A member can also contact the KIM Voice emergency key update number, 1-800-968-4032, and request a CBS code for one of their iBoxes.

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